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Whole Hearts Inc. was established in 2014 to meet the holistic needs of international communities around the world.

The Whole Hearts organisation was setup in 2014 by Tim and Sarah to meet the holistic needs of international communities around the world by serving missionary organizations and local churches. Through community, Biblical teaching and whole-self care, Whole Hearts seeks to equip missionaries for a lifetime of fruitful service. Sarah came to jonwallacedesign with a brief to create a brand and a website to promote the new organisation to encourage online charitable donations.

The brand needed to reflect the nature of the organisation as a caring charity featuring the organisation name and a range of taglines. The heart icon element was an quickly agreed as a key visual element of the brand which would work well to work both in the full logo and as a standalone icon element.

jonwallacedesign created a range of logo ideas from which Tim and Sarah narrowed down their favourites, selecting their preferred heart icon element and font for the main logo text - we then made up the final logo sets ready for use in the new website and other marketing channels.

Whole Hearts website

The website jonwallacedesign created was first wireframed once the scope of the content had been agreed - the site was to be responsive, so a set of detailed wireframes for different sized devices were created for client approval. With the wireframes approved, the tangibility of the new brand was added in the design phase, along with some breathtaking photography to create a compelling visual style for the website.

The site is built in a responsive format to scale and render well on a wide range of devices - the key drive for the website is to encourage donations - this is achieved on the homepage with a large DONATE NOW button - linking to a 3rd party system where the donations could be taken away from the main Whole Hearts website. Other areas of the website detail how Whole Hearts help across the world with a range of testimonials and background information.

Whole Hearts website
Whole Hearts branding

if you are interested in making a donation, please visit the website and give generously -

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Whole Hearts branding
Whole Hearts website
Whole Hearts branding

Years ago I saw a website that left a deep impression on me. Jon Wallace was the designer. It was one of the most beautiful and effective sites I had ever seen. My thought was, “If I ever have a website, I want this designer to do it!”  So when it was time to design the site for Whole Hearts, I contacted Jon and was delighted that he was able to build the site. The site is still serving us well years later and I am beyond pleased with is appearance and navigation.

Working with Jon on the site and logo design was fantastic. He was always very prompt and responsible to take care of every detail. I could not have been more pleased with his manner of communication as well as the logo and website itself. 

Sarah, Whole Hearts

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