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Eye-catching, modern and simple, the brand identity design work for new twitter fantasy stock exchange - twiDAQ

twiDAQ, the new Twitter Stock Exchange online game/app, needed a sexy brand to help match the ingeniously simple yet addictive concept idea. The team at twiDAQ approached jonwallacedesign - digital design studio with a good idea of how they envisaged the brand. We worked quickly and efficiently with the twiDAQ team to create a suite of brand pieces to work across the digital space ensuring that twiDAQ brand will soon be recognised everywhere!

The brand created for twiDAQ was kept very simple to allow the message and icon to work across a wide variety of markets/platforms. The logo features a very simple graph-inspired symbol to represent the brand's connection with the stock market concept. The styling draws heavily on the current design trends of glossiness and, along with the twiDAQ wording, the brand identity helps form a modern and fresh look and feel, perfect for the iPhone generation!


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