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Live Talkback results

Live Talkback results

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Voting is one thing, but voters always want to see how their votes have counted! Design / UI work for the results views of Live Talkback

Following the design and development of the Live Talkback client for desktop and mobile devices, there was a further requirement to create an admin console, which would allow users of the application to view realtime results and create new polls.

Live Talkback results

The solution jonwallacedesign - digital design studio created was heavily inspired by the new Live Talkback website and the application design itself. The design work covered the wide variety of displays needed to communicate results and information to the user. The most notable of these were the realtime results displays, which allow the poll owner to monitor closely any changes in the results over time. These designs were then worked into an AIR application, as well as an online version, which allows users to setup and monitor their Live Talkback polls.

Live Talkback Results screen
Live Talkback Results screen

 Note - this project was created whilst under contract with the Artwork Agency.

Jon's done some great design work for us across mobile applications, mobile web, Flash and full web. He's extremely quick, very proactive in pushing the design forwards, responsive to feedback and has a sharp visual style that we can trust to come up with beautiful designs.

Malcolm Box CTO, Live Talkback

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